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About Chibu

About Chíbu


Have you ever tried to transport a cake from one end of town to the other?

Have you found yourself gripping tightly to the cake box at every bump in the road praying earnestly the cake gets to its destination in one piece?

In that case, we offer you peace of mind!

Chibu was created for you!

Chibu is a versatile carrier for Bakers, Pastry Chefs and individuals.  Its versatility makes it suitable for all occasions.


Chibu is made of wipeable oil cloth.

Chibu is food safe.

Chibu is secure and robust.

Chibu is reusable and sturdy.

Chibu is flat-packed making it easy to store.

Chibu comes in various sizes and colours.

There is no other carrier like Chibu! 

At Chibu our objective is to offer a stress-free way to ensure the beautiful cakes you make arrive in one piece. 

We are versatility on the move!