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My Story

My Story


I’m Patience

Foodie. Certified Business Analyst. Change Project Manager. Entrepreneur.

I am the founder of Chibu! What is that I hear you ask? Great question!


Have you ever had to transport anything awkward like a cake on public transport?  Trust me, it is the stuff of nightmares.

Manoeuvring through the traffic of people, up and down stairs – all whilst playing a dangerous game of balancing and trying not to drop it. Let me take you on a little journey.

The year is 2015, it was my birthday and where there is a birthday; there is surely a cake. Red Velvet cake in this instance, a 10inch beauty I had ordered which was delivered in a standard cake box. Like the good colleague I am, I wanted to take it into the office and share with my team. Public transport can be taxing at best and in London, it is a whole different ballgame.  Struggling through the ticket barriers on the Underground, swiping my Oyster card, avoiding the rush hour commuters and uttering apologies - whilst trying not to drop the cake – I successfully made it onto the train. The train was packed and with my precious cargo, I became THAT commuter. We all know the one – who takes up more space than they should! Avoiding the throng of people getting off at my stop, the escalators was a sight for sore eyes. I was thankful for them as I felt I had just been through an obstacle course! Surely it should NOT be this hard or Stressful, I thought to myself. With that thought, Chibu was born! My love of cakes, my knack for problem solving and my desire for convenience with style all became the exact recipe for something great.


Fun facts about me? I consider myself a chef in the making, who loves to bring joy to people and cherishes my family. I am the first of 7 children and my siblings are the first to try some of my best recipes.  

Did I mention that I love entertaining people and absolutely love travelling? Discovering cities and other cultures is a wonderful pastime I indulge in. I get excited as a child when it is time for me to travel – I have explored Florence, Rome, Naples, Paris, Zurich, Vilnius, Cyprus, Los Angeles, Miami, New York, San Francisco, Jo’Burg and Hammamet to name a few.  What else do I love? Fashion! In all its glory. You will most definitely find me shopping for anything elegant.