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“I couldn’t wait to use this cake carrier. It was easy to assemble and so sturdy, my naked cake arrived in one piece and would recommend this to all those in the cake business to use this product. Waiting for bigger sizes”

“Everyone should have one”
Carmel Lovell – Organiser Welsh Sugarcraft Show

“I love my Chíbu Bag. I used it last night and its fabulous”
Ruth J

“When I saw the Chíbu Bag, I bought one immediately and its been fantastic”
Fen of Monanniecakes

“I first came across the Chíbu bag at the Cake International Show Excel London. I visited their stand and met some lovely ladies as well as the designer and owner of ChíbuLondon. As a home baker with 2 girls, baking is something we do often like school bake sales, birthday's etc. Therefore, the Chíbu Carrier was a welcome surprise and relief. I can now deliver/carry my cakes without hassle. Since seeing the Chíbu bag at the show, I wondered why no one ever thought of this idea before now. ”
Verified Amazon Customer

“The cake was INTACT and it was easy to carry… can’t wait for the next delivery”
Deluxury Cupcakes